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How to take care of hair? Products with natural vegetable oils 0

Pracaxi oil is an exotic ingredient of cosmetics. However, few women know the benefits of using this product. Pracaxi oil – most of all – conditions the hair and scalp. It nourishes hair bulbs, prevents alopecia and greying. It improves the general condition of the hair, making it shinier,

Pracaxi oil vs. argan oil: Which one will turn out to be more beneficial for your hair? 0

Marvelous beauty oil, multi-tasking, responsible for conditioning skin and hair, natural, rich in nutrients… Pracaxi oil or argan oil? Certainly, both oils are recognized as crucial for daily body and hair care but only one deserves the title of the best home beauty oil. Find out why this title

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Stenders Cosmetics is a brand known for its natural products. The brand favours efficiency and organics of products it sells. Yet this is not all the brand takes care of. Cosmetics made by Stenders are also characterized by beautiful packages and fancy fragrances. The brand offers many cosmetic collections

Hair oil care with Pracaxi Oil 0

Pracaxi tree plant oil is a natural substance of the highest behenic acid concentration. It contains up to 20% of this acid, which has intensively hydrating action that locks up moisture inside hair or skin, preserving its loss. No wonder why the oil is so precious when it comes

MAGIC BEANS: Pracaxi Oil in cosmetology 0

For indigenous Amazonian populations, pracaxi is a name of really diverse tree. It not only is great for burning, because its stems are always dry, but also obtained from the plant oil (locked inside the seeds) is a valuable panacea for all diseases. What is more, it repairs, heals