Pracaxi oil vs. argan oil: Which one will turn out to be more beneficial for your hair?

Marvelous beauty oil, multi-tasking, responsible for conditioning skin and hair, natural, rich in nutrients… Pracaxi oil or argan oil? Certainly, both oils are recognized as crucial for daily body and hair care but only one deserves the title of the best home beauty oil. Find out why this title belongs to Argan Oil by Nanoil.

These two beauty oils – argan and pracaxi – have a lot in common. Their consistency is similar, so is the composition – containing almost the same vitamins, minerals and concentration of fatty acids. Moreover, both oils can be used in daily skin and hair care as the alternative to regular commercial hair, face and body care products.

Nevertheless, there’s definitely more that tells the oils apart. For example, both oils share different fatty acid ratio, the mineral and vitamin concentration differs too – and this is why the effects that both oils deliver are’t the same either. They come from different world regions therefore even their accessibility isn’t alike, despite being extracted in the same way (cold pressing process, no refining).


Argan VS pracaxi: Which one is more beneficial?

If we were to run a contest for the best body and hair care oil, then argan oil would be the winner.

The biggest asset of argan oil is its accessibility – it’s definitely easier to buy argan oil than the exotic pracaxi oil. We can easily get it in many drug stores and online stores, however, we have to be careful because among such a huge amount of argan oils there are just few which are truly genuine.

Furthermore, argan oil has better fatty acid ratio – omega – that hair and skin need to remain in a good condition.

This directly influences the effects the oil delivers. Argan oil penetrates hair and skin quicker, works from the inside and improves our appearance in many ways. Not only is it an effective emollient that maintains adequate hydration level, but also it’s good at regenerating, conditioning, soothing and beautifying.

Finally, the application, because when it comes to argan oil it’s truly vast. Unlike pracaxi oil that can be used only to condition skin and hair, argan oil can be additionally used to boost the appearance of nails, eyebrows and eyelashes.

nanoil argan oil kernels natural beauty oil

The best, so only Nanoil Argan Oil

The best version of argan oil, which has no equal, is offered by Nanoil brand. Why is it the best?

  1. Nanoil Argan Oil is cold-pressed, extracted from the highest quality argan kernels and is unrefined which allows the oil to preserve its nourishing substances in 100%.
  2. Nanoil Argan Oil equals just one ingredient, which is organic oil obtained from argan kernels, therefore this oil is free from various additives such as silicones, parabens, aromas and colorants.
  3. Nanoil Argan Oil is rich in vitamin E that is an antioxidant and a rejuvenating agent as well as over 100 different nutrients that derive straight from nature.

argan oil bottle nanoilNote!

You can use Nanoil Argan Oil solo, treat it as an alternative to store-bought products or blend it with other organic oils.

The brand offers six natural beauty oils. Apart from argan oil, Nanoil also launched: sweet almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil and avocado oil.

Need more info?

How to use and what are the benefits of Nanoil Argan Oil?

Having a decent beauty product at hand – such as Nanoil Argan Oil – there are many possibilities that open up. Just a few drops are enough to improve the appearance of hair, skin and nails.

Below there are the most common applications of Nanoil Argan Oil:

HAIR OIL TREATMENT in order to provide hair with nourishment and hydration as well as regenerate, reinforce and beautify the strands by gifting them with healthy shine and improved elasticity.
HAIR STYLING which means that argan oil can be used to facilitate detangling and arranging hair, also it protects the hair against high temperatures and the sun.
MAKEUP REMOVAL because it perfectly handles even with waterproof cosmetics as well as greasy stains on skin; the oil removes impurities from face and leaves it conditioned in a single step.
OIL SERUM supplying face and body skin with essential nourishment, hydration and regeneration; moreover, the oil is responsible for rejuvenating skin day by day.
NAIL CARE with argan oil focuses on providing reinforcement since it effectively regenerates fingernails and prevents splitting.
FOR EYEBROWS AND EYELASHES to be used as a natural conditioner to regenerate and enhance the natural beauty of look.

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