Pracaxi fruit oil: What for and for who?

One of the least popular vegetable oil that is used for producing exclusive hair care cosmetics is pracaxi oil. Not so well-known, yet characterized by extraordinary features, the oil is almost impossible to be found in a regular beauty products. Actually, it is hard to find the product in its pure form as well. However, let us examine what features in particular pracaxi oil has. Who is it recommended for?

The region pracaxi oil comes form is located in the north regions of South America - the Amazon rainforest. This is the very place Pracaxi trees can be found. These plants love waterlands of the rainforest terrains. Basically, these trees can grow up to 550 inches high and are considered as precious raw material, not only because of the oil. Pracaxi is good wood for burning because it does not have to be dry in order to set it on fire. When it comes to the oil itself, it is extracted from flesh of fruits and seeds, which are cold-pressed just to keep all the precious features of the oil untouched.

Innovative pracaxi oil is a hold-dear ingredient of hair care products. Indeed, it can be found in the composition of some shampoos and conditioners, yet they are rather luxurious cosmetics of the top-shelf brands. Its beneficial action (mainly aimed at hair structure) is possible due to its 50-percent oleic acid content and 19-percent behenic acid content, which is the greatest concentration of these acids that have been found in a vegetable oil so far. Besides, pracaxi oil contains another six fatty acids the concentration of which varries.

The features of the oil extracted from Pracaxi fruit make it an ideal oil for taking care of hair. First and foremost, it strengthens hair bulbs. Once nourished properly, hair bulbs root hair better. This, as a consequence, counteracts problem of blandness and excessive hair loss. What is more, regenerative action of pracaxi oil facilitates the oil's fight against split ends, as it smooths strands and improves their combability. Moreover, the oil might be used for lighting hair up since it is able to brighten strands by adding fair reflexes and natural shine.

Despite its marvellous cosmetic features, pracaxi oil is an universal healing substance that can solve various dermatological problems. To clarify, it eases signs of inflammations, works antibacterial, and supports self-renewal processes of skin cells. All of these makes Pracaxi tree oil perfect for treating stretch marks of pregnant women or skin lesions (acne) of teenagers. On the top of that, pracaxi oil is known for eliminating skin discolourations and neutralizing fungus.

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For indigenous Amazonian populations, pracaxi is a name of really diverse tree. It not only is great for burning, because its stems are always dry, but also obtained from the plant oil (locked inside the seeds) is a valuable panacea for all diseases. What is more, it repairs, heals