Hair oil care with Pracaxi Oil

Pracaxi tree plant oil is a natural substance of the highest behenic acid concentration. It contains up to 20% of this acid, which has intensively hydrating action that locks up moisture inside hair or skin, preserving its loss. No wonder why the oil is so precious when it comes to hair care. What are the other looked-for action pracaxi oil offers?

pracaxi-tree-plant-oil.jpgBEAUTY ACTION

Oil from Pracaxi tree fruit is eagerly used by producers of luxurious cosmetic to turn their regular hair care series into the exclusive hair care collections. It is used not only as a main conditioning agent that delivers shine to hair, but also because it,

  • provides hair structure with deep nourishment,
  • strengthens hair and makes it resistant to various damages.

Features of evergreen tropical Pracaxi tree oil are not only limited to nourishment and strengthening of hair bulbs. Owning to regular application of the oil, hair is gifted with appropriate level of moisture. Finally, is possible to restore natural lipid barrier of strands, which aim is to limit excessive water loss from hair.

Once treated with Pracaxi Oil, hair turns into being soft, shiny, delicate, and easy to comb. While describing Pracaxi Oil it is important to mention that this natural substance has one extra feature that some might find positive while the others may concerns it as the oil’s main flaw. Namely, Pracaxi Oil is able to make hair lighter. This natural colour of hair change is not slight. When in contact with Pracaxi Oil, strands become even a few tones lighter.


What is more, Pracaxi Oil has very good healing action, which cannot be left non-mentioned. Certainly, it is easier to make hair look beautiful once it is in the state of good health. With the light of this, Pracaxi Oil is a popular substance because of its,

  • anti-inflammatory and antiseptic features,
  • anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungus action.

Since ages, Amazonian tribes have been using Pracaxi Tree Oil mainly for dealing with dermis problems (including scalp problems). The most important action of the oil concerns stimulating cell renewal processes as well as inflammations relief. This easing action of Pracaxi Tree Oil is underestimated.

Again, Pracaxi Tree Oil is popular for its skin infection healing action. Because of its anti-fungal action, the oil is good at dealing with dandruff (it is caused by funguses).